Rob is supported by community leaders, attorneys and judges, small business owners, farmers and ranchers, and citizens of
Grant and Harney Counties and throughout Oregon.

Sam Palmer, Grant County Commissioner
Hon. John Olson, Circuit Court Judge
Jeanette Radinovich
Kevin Radinovich
Holly Smith, US Bank Manager, retired
Tim Smith
David McDonald
Toby Forsberg
Alison Baker, The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.
Saville Easley, Easley Family Law
Doug Fasching, President, DDF Investigations
Aubrey Sipowicz, Legal Assistant, Chase Law, P.C.
Heather Rookstool
Rhonda Coats, RL Coats Investigations, Inc.
Teresa Statler
Brian Starns
Shari Altree
Alicia McLane
Sue Holliday
Tonna Holliday
Amanda Taylor
Earl Binger
James Webb
Gregg Haberly
James Haberly
Byron Haberly
Justin Morehouse
Susan Marmaduke
Randy Norton
Merle Reid
Chris Gibson
Linda Grounds
Shelby Brooks
Heidi Brooks
Danielle Kimball
Damien Yervasi
Drew Box
Danny Kidd
Pat Martin
Dan Heinz
Doug Furr
Jessica Adams
David Allen
Bill Allen
Araya Anderson
Bonnie Angleton
John Ballard
Jennifer Beck
Kelli Beers
Dennis Beyer
Venetta Bigelow
Justin Blackmore
Judith Bracken
Chris Briels
Mary Brown
Barbara Cannady
Linda Cook
Mark Costello
Tom Cronkrite
Kelly Edmondson
Terry Farrell
Alex and Melissa Findlayson
Mike FitzSimons
Vern Flanary
Nathan Furman
Terri Wilhaian
Gary Lee Williams
Lorelei Hinton
Janessa Pogue

Mark Owens, State Representative
Hon. Bronson James, Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals
Tim Gassner, Glenn, Reeder & Gassner, LLP
Andy Radinovich, Jr
Kathy Radinovich
LeAnne Forsberg
Eric Hedaa, President, Industrial Game & Design
Jennifer Kimble, Attorney at Law
JR Hinds, Hinds & Associates
Orion Adamo
Jonathan Radmacher, McEuen Gisvold, LLP
Joey Fansler
Valerie Fansler
Tanni Wenger, Owner, Tanni Wenger Photography
Patty Hodge
Vicki Keeney
Frances Preston
Dale Stennett
Elsa Spence
John and Lindy Bastian
Heather Swank
Carl Swank
Will Thomson
Robert Hunt
Jennifer Williamson, State Representative
Amanda Thomas
Ronda Glimpse
Brandon Glimpse
Michael Kozeni
Danny Morris
Dennis Bennett
Jeff Sykes
Tracey Blood
Neil Brooks
Cleo McCluskey
Pedro Zabala Jr.
Dave Auxier
Ruth Harris
Susan Ohlund
Terry Farstvedt
Sharon Livingston
Mary Furr
Trevor Garrison
Jerrett Glass
Greg Goeble
Lorri Gokey
Erin Gosnell
Jennifer Gregory
Louis Grossman
Rob Harris
Parker & Sabrina Heatherwick
Taylor Heinz
Brian Holmes
Mike Howard
Bill Howell
Ron Howen
Judy Jacobs
Jessica Kampfe
James Keeton
Linda Kinnaman
Joyce Kozeni
Christopher Laws
Neale Ledgerwood
Keith Linn
Shawn Logan
Kerry Lowe
Len Vohs
Madalyn Way
Grant Wenzlick
Micheal Westlake
Debi Wickwire

Jim Hamsher, Grant County Commissioner
Hon. Karen Ostrye, Circuit Court Judge
Hon. John Wolf, Circuit Court Judge
Kyra Rohner, Attorney, Baker City
Andy Radinovich Sr.
Gerie Fortin
MaryKay Steeves
Cindy Kidd
Lonny Smith, Attorney, ret.
James Johnston
Lisa Weigum
Steven Sherlag, Sherlag | De Muniz, LLP
Edward Kroll, Attorney
RaeLynn Ricarte
Randy Fischer
Brian Hubbard
Vito Adamo
Stacey Reding
Taylor Heinz
Mike Arnold
Richard Boren
Miranda Goit
Shellie Wiscarson
Thomas Shaw
Amber Shaw
John Morris
Daniel Steinberg
Krischele Whitnah, Attorney, Baker City
Mike Schaff
Monte Simmons
Tanner Elliot
Harley Allen
Sherrie Allen
Jennifer Reimers
Brandon Elliot
Dennis Moss
Ka’lene Cook
Chenise Multcher
Kayce Stout
Sara Burns
Son Burns
Bonnie Heinz
Bonnie Maplesden
Nichole Masterson
Shaun McCrea
Marty & Hollie Miller
Bob Moon
Andrew Myers
Richard Newsome
Jeff Olson
Tom Peachey
Randy Perkins
Katy Perritte
Matt Petersen
Victoria Platt
Rossella Pogue
Shea Pogue
Brook Reinhard
Stuart Rice
Doug Rock
Shanna Runnels
Mark and Karen Sabitt
Michael Schmidt
Cory Shelman
Aubrey Sipowicz
Buck Smith
Michael Springer
Teresa Statler
Phil Studenberg
James Sullens
T. Conor Sullivan

“Rob has always shown to have utmost character. He is a trustworthy, capable leader who puts the needs of others above himself. He truly cares about our community.”

Holly Smith

Retired, US Bank Manager, Burns

Serving as judge is no easy task. It requires thoughtfulness, integrity, accountability—and a strong knowledge of the law. After practicing with him for years, I am certain Rob is beyond qualified to serve in this capacity and Grant and Harney counties, as well as our entire state, would be fortunate to have him as circuit court judge.

Hon. Judge John Olson

Circuit Court Judge, Seventh Judicial District

“Rob and his family make their commitment to our community a priority and he truly cares about helping others. That caring attitude is what Grant and Harney County citizens deserve in an elected leader. We fully support Rob to be our next judge.”

Valerie and Joey Fansler

Canyon City

“Rob is committed to listening to all sides and seeing all angles of an issue in order to find the best solution. He is firm, but fair, thoughtful, but decisive. He will lead from the bench with that same temperament.

Sam Palmer

Grant County Commissioner

Rob has always fought for what is right and fair when representing his clients and I know he will bring that same tenacity to serving as our next circuit court judge.”

Brian Starns

Former partner at Morris, Smith, Starns, Sullivan and Raschio, PC

“I’ve known Rob for over 25 years and I’ve never known anyone with a stronger commitment to doing the right thing for the greatest good of the people around him.”

Randy Fischer

Friend and Best Man

“I’ve known Rob for over a decade.  He’s a knowledgeable, talented attorney, and a well-respected leader in his field.  He would make an outstanding judge, serving the citizens of the 24th judicial district with integrity, professionalism, and wisdom.  I am pleased to support him in his campaign.”

Hon. Judge Bronson James

Oregon Court of Appeals

“In working with Rob, I know that his knowledge of the law, combined with his caring and thoughtful approach to decision-making, is exactly what citizens deserve in a circuit court judge.” 

Hon. Judge Karen Ostrye

Seventh Judicial District of Oregon

“Rob’s passion for the law is unmatched. As an attorney, I have only rarely seen advocates as dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable as he is. In addition to his legal skills and work ethic, Rob’s jovial personality shines through in everything he does. It will be sad to lose him as an attorney, but the people of Eastern Oregon will receive a phenomenal judge – one who will be fair, thorough, and objective. I can’t endorse him highly enough.”

Edward Kroll

Attorney, Past president of the Washington County Bar

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