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About Rob

Rob Raschio has wanted to be an attorney since he was 10 years old. He remembers sitting with his grandfather who told him he should be the next lawyer in the family and, as it turns out, he was the first.

He learned at an early age to appreciate the legal system—that it’s a place where people can find solutions for their problems, fairness rules and wrongs can be righted, and citizens have an advocate in an often complex and challenging system.

For nearly 20 years, Rob has dedicated his career to ensuring our legal system upholds these fundamental principles.


Rob is supported by community leaders, attorneys, judges, small business owners, farmers and ranchers, and citizens of Grant and Harney Counties.

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Rob is supported by community leaders, attorneys and judges, small business owners, farmers and ranchers, and citizens of Grant and Harney Counties and throughout Oregon.

“Rob has always shown to have utmost character. He is a trustworthy, capable leader who puts the needs of others above himself. He truly cares about our community.”

Holly Smith

Retired, US Bank Manager, Burns

Serving as judge is no easy task. It requires thoughtfulness, integrity, accountability—and a strong knowledge of the law. After practicing with him for years, I am certain Rob is beyond qualified to serve in this capacity and Grant and Harney counties, as well as our entire state, would be fortunate to have him as circuit court judge in the 24th judicial district.

Hon. Judge John Olson

Circuit Court Judge, Seventh Judicial District

“Rob and his family make their commitment to our community a priority and he truly cares about helping others. That caring attitude is what Grant and Harney County citizens deserve in an elected leader. We fully support Rob to be our next judge.”

Valerie and Joey Fansler

Canyon City

“Rob is committed to listening to all sides and seeing all angles of an issue in order to find the best solution. He is firm, but fair, thoughtful, but decisive. He will lead from the bench with that same temperament.

Sam Palmer

Grant County Commissioner

“As I’ve gotten to know Rob over the last several years, he has become a resource for discussing alternatives when I have been faced with complex or difficult decisions. This ability will serve him well as judge and he has my full support.”

Mark Owens

Harney County Commissioner

“In working with Rob, I know that his knowledge of the law, combined with his caring and thoughtful approach to decision-making, is exactly what citizens deserve in a circuit court judge.”

Hon. Karen Ostrye

Circuit Court Judge

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